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This is a sacred space for women to find their limiting internal stories and turn them into powerful ways of being seen and heard. 

Will you join our circles?

You are here because

  • You’re tired of other online spaces where your voice gets lost in the crowd.
  • You had enough of meaningless and in-the-box conversations that just waste your time.
  • You feel like you need to defer to other people before you share your wisdom.
  • You want to feel powerful but you don’t feel safe to express your power for fear of others judging.
  • You had experienced being singled out and targeted for wanting to speak up and stand out.
  • You believe stories like you’re not meant to feel powerful, you can't be trusted with wielding your power autonomously and you need to share it with others to be a good girl.
  • You have a strong desire to feel comfortable with being your highest spiritual authority
  • You want to give the bird to feeling guilt and shame every time you try to make yourself be seen and heard.

Why you should join us

This is a space for intentional, intuitive and inspiring conversations and growth. We are all working on discovering how to find and own our power and about our right to be seen and heard.

The combined intention of this space for us all is to discover our own power, cut cords with and heal from the beliefs that limited us in all areas of our lives.

When you join us, you tap into that continuously emerging and fortifying energy and you’ll find that it will pull you along while supporting your journey at your own pace. 

You get the sisterhood of the circles within the space while you’re stretching out of your comfort zone and re-defining what being powerful, limitless and spiritually autonomous mean to you.

What do the different circles within The Temple help you with

The concentric circles within The Temple provide you with a safe space to test your power comfort zones and limits. It helps you shift the energy around your limiting beliefs about your right to be seen and heard

While most come here to help with their visibility in their business, many women discover that the effects of reclaiming their seat of power overflow onto other areas of their lives.

A big thanks!

Women have been coming together in circles since the beginning of time. We know that when we work together, we move the entire community forward.

This is why circles work for a lot of women.

It’s great to see a revival of this tradition. As we come together in sacred spaces, be it online, we hold each other up and the focus is on what we can achieve together.

When in circle, the achievements and successes of the individual radiate through to others in that community.

We are creating waves of energy with our powerful intentions and actions and everyone who jumps on that wave takes with them the essence of that energy and creates their own wave.

Thank you for being a part of this community and adding your own unique essence and power to the waves we create.

About me

Hi, I’m Andrea. I’m a sister and priestess and I believe that everyone has the right to take up as much space as they need while sharing their wisdom with the world. I work with women to guide them on their path to discover their triggers and false beliefs about their power and their right to be seen and heard. I’m a priestess and torchbearer for those who want to break out of their bounds and claim their rightful place in the world with their work. I’m dedicated to lighting the path ahead and reacquainting today’s women with their power.


Revelation is the Outer Circle in The Temple. This is a sacred online space to have intentional, intuitive and inspired conversations about power and developing spiritual autonomy. 

Once a month I run Revelation week where prompts are posted each day. 

The prompts are there to shine light onto things like beliefs about your right to be seen and heard and the connection between power and autonomy. 

During Revelation week you will be included in

  • Guided live Zoom discussion
  • Daily journaling
  • Live micro-ritual
  • Recorded meditation, energy work or weaving activity

The rest of the time you will have a chance to integrate the insights you gained and receive support, clarity and advice from others in that circle.

Are you ready to move through your shadows and step into your spiritual autonomy? Is it time for you to step into a sacred space and play with the idea of being powerful and visible?

Join our community now!

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